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2017-2019 MFWDC Officers
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2018 MFWDC Convention

The 2018 MFWDC Convention was held June 1-3. This page is to document the convention. You can find lots of photos on our Facebook page.


Bess Truman Award
The Bess Truman Award is presented by the MFWDC during the Annual Convention in even numbered years. This award is presented to a new club formed from the time of the opening of the state convention two years prior to, and up to, the opening of the current annual convention.
Winner of the award is Scott County Democratic Women.

Woman of the Year Award
The MFWDC presents a Woman of the Year Award during the Annual Convention. One woman is selected from nominations submitted by each of the Congressional Districts. Only one nominee is allowed per Congressional District. Each of the finalists are recognized and introduced.
The following were nominated:
4th District Phyllis Sprenkle
5th District Cathy Spainhower
6th District Mary Catherine Damm
8th District Marjorie Rushin
Winner of the award is Cathy Spainhower.

Branson Vacation Drawing
Not really a award. Sale of the drawing tickets was the state fundraiser.
Winner of the drawing is Gay Phillips.


If you missed the convention you missed some great speakers.

Cindy Nava
Our keynote speaker was Cindy Nava. She was born in Chihuahua Mexico but brought to the US when she was 7 by her parents. In spite of being undocumented she has managed to obtain national and state titles, fellowships and recognitions. She was a dynamic speaker and very impressive. For full bio CLICK HERE.

Senator Gina Walsh
Senator Gina Walsh is Missouri Democratic Leader. She is a solid Democrat who has a labor background and works to find common ground with Republicans when possible. For full bio CLICK HERE.

Chade Shorten
We heard from Chade Shorten who is the President of the Young Democrats of Missouri. She is an impressive young lady already with a large resume. For full bio CLICK HERE.

Business and reports

Executive Board Reports
The reports of the Executive Board that are available in time are printed for convention attendees. For a copy of the printed reports CLICK HERE.
For a copy of the 5th Vice President report and the 7th District President report that includes the 2019 Annual Convention Committee report CLICK HERE.

Bylaw Changes
There were 3 Standing Rules that were adopted. Standing Rule 8 was replaced clarifying MFWDC Social Media presence. New Standing Rules 9 and 10 were added. These took procedures being used and placed them in the Standing Rules so they became standard procedures. For a copy of the amended Standing Rules CLICK HERE.

Past Presidents Advisory Committee
The Past Presidents are putting together a paper to help local clubs to organize and do the proper filings so we all are legal. This advisory report is attached. The Committee is still working and some ways to make it easier to understand. The paper would be updated as needed with legal changes. Current report is available here if you CLICK HERE.

Convention Resolutions
A copy of the Resolutions as adopted at convention are available if you CLICK HERE.

Future Conventions

2019 MFWDC Convention
The report for the 2019 Convention is above in the Executive Board Reports. Attached is a flyer handed out at the convention on the 2019 MFWDC Convention. CLICK HERE

2020 MFWDC Convention
The MFWDC 6th District volunteered to host the 2020 Convention.